Top 3 tips – Maintaining pools during winter

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Ever ask yourself if there was anything you could do to maintain your pool during the winter months?  I’m here to tell you YES there sure is!

When spring time comes and the opening of the pools commence you may find yourself with problems on your hands.  In order to reduce swimming pool problems in the spring I’ll outline 3 things you can do for an easier pool opening.

1. ALGECIDE.  Most in ground pools are covered with ‘loop-loc’ or ‘trampoline’ covers these days.  These, usually green colored covers,  are made up of springs and a mesh material which lets sunlight through.  Even though the pool is technically closed we must remember that sunlight is penetrating the cover and this sunlight will fuel algae growth.  I get many people, especially those that have switched from the old style bag and tarp to the newer ‘loop-loc’ style cover that ask me “why is my pool green? I just opened it and it is green!?”  My reply is that sunlight gets through the cover and that allows algae to grow.  I then explain that THE SECRET TO OPENING AN ALGAE-FREE, CLEAR POOL IS TO USE A QUALITY ALGECIDE; ONCE IN DECEMBER AND ONCE ESPECIALLY IN THE SPRING AFTER ICE OUT.  That’s it.  That’s the secret.  Apply an algecide before the pool freezes and after it thaws.  If you really wanted to, you could do another application approximately a week before you open in the spring.  To apply, pour half the treatment in one end of the pool and the rest of the treatment in the other half of the pool.  This can be done under the cover or dilute in a 5 gallon pail and pour right on the cover.  It will go right through the mesh.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the longer you keep it closed in the spring, the more out of control the water will get with contaminants and living organisms.  The earlier you open the better.

2. KEEP YOUR COVER CLEAN.  This almost goes with out saying.  The function of a cover is to keep out leaves and debris while the pool pump is disconnected.  Contrary to popular belief the cover doesn’t do anything magical that prevents the pool from freezing.  Most leaves and debris come down during the autumn season.  Once all the trees over the pool are bare this is a good time to go ahead and remove anything that has fallen into the cover.  A good habit to get into would be to get this done when doing your final fall cleaning and raking before the snow comes.  For above ground pools I recommend to remove the cover completely.  Remember,  the main reason for a cover is to keep out leaves and debris.  Once all that has come down go ahead and remove that cover.  In many cases with an above ground pool,  the cover will cause more harm than good if you keep it on all winter.  There are above ground pool companies that will NOT warranty the pool if a cover is used.  So if you do use a cover keep it clean of debris and that will eliminate the headaches later.

3.  WATCH THE POOL.  This is another thing that should go without saying but many people close it up, don’t check the pool at all during the winter and get caught scratching their heads in the spring.  Don’t do this.  GO OUT WHEN YOU CAN AND HAVE A LOOK UNDER THE COVER FROM TIME TO TIME DURING THE WINTER.  Yes go out and lift up the cover when it’s allowable and take a peak.  This does a few things.  You can visually see that it is holding water which is the most important thing to check for.  You can check the clarity of the water.  You can also keep your eye on any problematical areas on the liner and make sure nothing gets out of control.  Lastly you also get that reminder that your pool is there and doing well and soon enough it will be warm again and time to swim!


There you have it.  3 tips for maintaining your pool during the winter.


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I grew up around the pool. I love pools and swimming. I truly believe that swimming is one of the most important skills a child can learn. That is where it all started for me was in the pool. I have been maintaining pools since I was a young kid. I was a lifeguard for 8 years and I also instructed swimming at this time as well. In a perfect world I would be instructing swim lessons all day :) I have been working in the pool service industry for a long time and I take a lot of pride in being able to provide help and insight for pool owners in need. I also have a wealth of knowledge and experience with pool water chemistry. I enjoy business.

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