If you are like most pool owners in Saratoga, you will want your above or inground ground pool to last your family for years to come. As a leading pool service in Saratoga, Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. offers both inground and above ground pool chemicals that guarantee the integrity of your pool whether you want to open it in the spring, maintain it in the summer or close it in the winter months.

There’s no need to skimp on pool chemicals ever. Our quality swimming pool chemicals are easy on your budget. Get more bang for your buck with our low prices.  Being located at exit 15 near all the big box stores we keep our prices at or below the big competition and provide true quality chemistry.  Our algecides annihilate algae and our chlorine effectively destroys bacteria and is resistant to destructive UV rays which dilute it.  Whether you’re opening closing or maintaining we have it all; liquids, solids and granulars.  We also have a full line of hot tub chemicals for all your spa needs.

Our pool and spa chemicals will keep your pool safe for your family and are easy on the wallet. Make the smart choice this summer and rely on Saratoga Pool & Tub Co for top notch water chemistry.  Your pool is an expensive investment. You would like it to last you and your family for many years to come. Keep your pool stain-free all winter long and swim ready for those long summers by choosing Saratoga Pool & Tub as your go-to supplier for pool chemicals and advice.