There’s nothing like spending those hot humid summer days lazing by the swimming pool. The sparkle of crystal clear water and the cool tempting depths that invite you to plunge right in, and stay there until the temperature drops to a more reasonable level. Except that unfortunately you haven’t had time to indulge in a spot of pool cleaning for a couple of weeks so that sparkling, crystal clear water isn’t quite so clear and sparkling right at the moment. In fact it could do with a good dose of pool chemicals as well but you haven’t had time to pop down to your local pool shop and get them either. However, the days are heating up and the kids are clamouring to use the pool so it’s obviously time to call in the big guns!

For folks in Ballston Spa and surrounding areas, Saratoga Pool and Tub Co are conveniently located in Weibel Ave, Saratoga Springs and can not only help you restore an amicable relationship with your kids by cleaning your pool for you but they also conveniently stock a range of pool supplies as well as supply pumps and motor repairs/replacements and robotic vacuum repairs and sales. Additionally, you can get them to perform your annual pool closings and pool openings, which will provide you with the peace of mind knowing it’s all been done correctly.

Contact Jonathon at Saratoga Pool and Tub Co on 581 8468 or send him an email. You can also use Skype if you prefer.

Pool Supplies In Historic Ballston Spa

Ballston Spa, located just south of Saratoga Springs, has a close association with art and literature. Author James Fenimore Cooper is reputed to have written his famous novel The Last of the Mohicans in what is now Brookside Museum and Ballston Spa was also the setting for Nobody’s Fool, a 1993 top selling novel that was subsequently made into a film of the same name. Several scenes from the blockbuster movies The Way We Were and The Horse Whisperer were also filmed there.

If historical buildings are your thing then the sign welcoming you to ‘historic Ballston Spa’ is a good hint that you’ve probably come to the right place to see a few. Doubleday House and the Medbury Hotel were built in 1804 (the scenes from The Way We Were were filmed in front of the Medbury Hotel). Ballston Spa Village Hall was built in 1873 and the Old Iron Spring dates from around the same time. Brookside, The Saratoga County Museum is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1792 as a hotel. It has enjoyed a varied life since then, as a school, boarding house, private home and apartment house before being renovated in the 1970’s. Other buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in Saratoga Springs include the United States Post Office, Union Mill Complex and Verbeck House. The Ballston Spa National Bank was built around 1820 and became a bank building in 1865. Historic Front Street and Milton Avenues are also worth a visit.

Other museums of note in the area include The Saratoga Automobile Museum, sure to be a great hit with motoring enthusiasts. The younger generation will love the Children’s Museum and for teachers there’s the Tang Teaching Museum.

Historic Yaddo Gardens was created in 1899, Congress Park houses some old buildings and a casino, and Saratoga Spa State Park contains 2 golf courses, a spa and pool complex, trails and picnic areas. Other parks in Ballston Spa are Iron Spring Park (home of the Iron Spring mineral waters), the Jim Tedisco Fitness Trail,Wiswall Park on Front Street, Veterans Park which pays tribute to the men and women of America’s armed forces, Kelly Park (skateboarding, softball, fishing, kayaking and canoeing) and the Woods Hollow Nature Preserve.