Questions on new above ground pools? I’ll help!

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Looking to buy a new Above Ground Pool?

Spring is quickly approaching and that means summer time will be here soon!  This is the time of year when folks shop for pools.  We sell all sorts of pools but for this piece we will focus on above-ground pools.

“Cold winters equal completely frozen pools”

There should be a few things to keep in mind when searching for an above-ground pool.  Remember that we live in the northeast in the capital district of New York.  Whether it’s Saratoga, Schuylerville, Ballston Spa, Malta, Clifton Park, Glens Falls or Lake George it gets real cold!  Cold winters equal completely frozen pools.  This is very important to keep in mind because in general above grounds are susceptible to winter damage.  When the pool freezes completely then starts to thaw and fragment, is when serious damage can occur to the structure.  To mitigate damage it is important to look for a strong stocky pool.

“Look for a Strong Stocky Pool”

If you’re going for above ground in this area try to buy the best above ground pool that your budget will allow for.  Look for beefy uprights (6.5″ absolute minimum) and beefy top rails (7.5″ absolute minimum), this gives you a fairly strong skeleton but the thicker you can get the better. Second, look for a corrugated wall, they generally tend to be stronger than non corrugated.  This is important because the weight of ice can severely damage above ground pool walls quickly. Seriously, with these kind of winters I have folks calling me left and right in the early spring asking if the wall can be fixed.  The answer is not really.  In order to perform that kind of operation you must take apart the whole pool roll out the wall and literally hammer it out straight again.  If this works you will need a new liner as well.

“Beware of the very cheap pools”

There are several companies selling pools in this area.  Beware of the very cheap pools.  In general they don’t do well with bad winters and this can be very disappointing for your whole family.  When It comes to pools it’s really about the kids.  Keep everyone happy, save up a few extra dollars and get a better pool.

“We have different options to fit different budgets”

If you’re looking for an above ground pool stop in and see us.  We have different options to fit different budgets.  The common denominator with all of our options is quality.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in your search as well 🙂

“Phenomenal option for an above ground pool”

Aside from the traditional above ground pool there is now a stronger option that you won’t have to worry about pool wall winter damage.  In general, for an extra thousand or so you can upgrade to a phenomenal option for an above ground pool.  If that’s something that you’re interested in stop in and see us.



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