Expert Pool Liner Replacement Service

You’ve come to the right place.  This is what we do.  There is almost nothing more satisfying in this business than bringing an old pool back to life.  Changing the pool liner in a pool is almost the equivalent of refacing the façade of your home.  It refreshes an old faded pool.  Replacing the liner literally has the ability to make a pool look brand new as if it were just installed.

As with everything that we do here we take this as an extremely serious part of our business.  This isn’t an ‘in and out’ kind of job nor will it ever will be here.  We hear all too often of the horror stories that people share about getting a liner replaced in the past or by someone else.  Liner replacement can be tricky but with experience, know-how, precise measurements, proper preparation and the right company you will end up with a pool that looks brand new and a liner that will give you years of service so long as proper chemistry is maintained.

There are several important items that ensure a good liner installation.  First and foremost is precise measuring.  Taking measurements is the first step to getting a new liner.  Once we have the pool measured up for a liner we will compare it to known stock pools that were built in the area over the years and have your new liner made custom and/or to spec.  Manufacturing times vary depending on the time of year you have a liner made.  At this time we will also set up a tenative date for installation.  Once the liner arrives at our store we will confirm a tentative date for installation depending upon weather.  It is very important that weather conditions are optimal when installing a liner.  If its too cold or rainy a liner may not properly vacuum back and adhere to the pool as it should.  This is critical.  When the day comes for installation the old liner will be removed,  and the pool will be prepared to receive the new liner.  Prepping the pool is the second most important step to a good liner installation.  Careless preparation can cause premature punctures in the vinyl floor, liner beading slipping out of the receiver causing a sagging liner, rust and sharp metal pieces puncturing the liner wall and a host of other problems that could have been prevented.  If we notice that the pool floor needs work or re-troweling this is the time that work will be done too.  Most of the pools that we replace liners in usually get foam on the walls which protects the liner from rust and corrosion of the steel.  Once the pool is fully prepared the new liner is hung and vacuumed back with industrial strength liner vacuums made for that purpose.  At this point it is up to the owner on how to fill the pool unless weather dictates otherwise.  Depending on weather forecasts and owner preference water trucks will be coordinated before installation date.  Otherwise pools can be filled with a hose.  Once pool is filled jets and skimmers will be cut in and all new hardware is used.  Once cut-ins are complete pool can be turned on,  shocked and enjoyed for swimming.

Our liners carry a 20 year manufacturers warranty.  5 years full and 15 prorated.  Our main liner choices can be seen here. To get a rough estimate and more information, have the size of your pool handy and give us a call at 518.581.8468

We service Saratoga, Glens Falls, Lake George, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, Greenwich, Schuylerville, Galway and all the surrounding areas.