Professional Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Inspection

Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. offers pool inspections and hot tub inspection.  Whether you are a prospective buyer or motivated seller and need written documentation of a problem free pool we have you covered.

While for some people a pool may be familiar territory, for others it is a new endeavor and we are here to provide you with peace of mind, awareness and education on or about any existing pool or hot tub that you may be looking to buy.  We will alert you to any existing problems as well as future problems that may occur with the pool or tub in question.  As is with anything that we do here we take great pride in being able to provide professional and experienced insight on any foreign swimming pool or spa. A pool inspection gives the buyer (or the seller) power to negotiate and make an informed decision when purchasing a property with a swimming pool or hot tub.

Call us today to get your pool inspection booked.