Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. Pool Openings and Pool Closings

Opening pools for the spring and winterizing pools in the fall is a big part of what we do here.  Being located in the capital district of upstate New York it is necessary that our outdoor pools be prepared for the frosty winters and opened & prepared for summer use each and every year.

At a glance our pool openings entail pulling and properly folding the cover,  getting the pump and filter back together and turning on the pool.  We also apply proper chemicals to the pool and treat it a certain way so that it should clear up for you within a day or two providing you keep the filter clean for the first few days after opening.  We also do an inspection upon startup and do a visual check for any problems or anything else that requires attention or that you should be aware of after the winter.  Should there be any major leaks we will usually try to repair on site providing we have the required parts.  We do try to have as many parts as we can on the truck so that your pool can be up and filtering after the cover is pulled.

Generally a pool closing consists of removing heavy debris including major leaf piles and acorns which will stain the liner, draining a small amount of water from the pool if need be, properly blowing all lines, adding winterizing chemicals and installing the cover.  Proper winterization of your pool is extremely important.  It ensures that the pool’s plumbing is protected and that you don’t have costly damage to your pool.  A good pool winterization also can help with opening and clearing up a pool quickly in the spring.

When we open or close your pool we aren’t the ‘in and out’ type of company.  Yes, during these peak times of the year we can get very busy and have much work to do but we feel that it is extremely important to do the job right and do it just a little better than the rest.  Whether it be taking 5 extra minutes to remove acorns and leaves or an extra minute to change an o-ring on a winter plug so that there is absolutely no water leakage into the line, or anything else that keeps your pool safe and proper or makes your life easier after we have left the premises – that’s what Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. is all about!

Don’t wait till the week of memorial day to book a pool opening or the week after labor day to book a pool winterizing service – call now to get on our schedule!