Pool Pump Motor Repair, Replacement and Change-out

One of the many special services that we offer at Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. is pump and pump motor replacement.  The pump is what makes your pool circulate.  The pump is defined as the ‘wet end’ and ‘the motor’.  The wet end is where the water is pumped and the motor is the electrical part with a shaft that spins the impeller in the wet end.   When the wet end or the motor on your pool pump is broken your pool cannot filter and this can cause your pool water to get out of balance and possibly cloud up.

When you notice that you have a pump problem the best thing to do is to disconnect it and bring it into our store on Weibel Ave in Saratoga Springs.  Here we can diagnose exactly what is wrong,  we can probably tell you how it got to that point and most importantly we can repair it.  Sometimes it may need a capacitor, other times you may need to replace the whole pump depending on what has happened.  In many cases it is likely that you may need a new motor.  The good news about this is that you don’t need to buy a whole new pump and will save a good chunk of change.

When we do a motor replacement the pump will be taken apart and cleaned.  Anything that is worn or torn will be replaced.  A new set of water seals also comes standard with a motor replacement.  The pump seal consists of a piece of plastic and a piece of porcelain located between the wet end and the motor which function together and prevent water from entering down the shaft of the motor and keeping the motor and electrical components dry.  Sometimes when we take apart a pump that isn’t circulating water we will find that the impeller is clogged up or completely destroyed.  That is another good scenario.  This only requires a new impeller and doesn’t cost anything close to what buying a whole new pump would cost.

Whatever the problem may be that is causing your pump not to work we can diagnose and fix.  We are always happy to have a look and help save you money where we can.  Before you spend money on a brand new pump, let us have a look.  It could just end up saving you hundreds!