The days are getting longer and daytime temperatures are starting to warm up. Very soon it will be time to crack open the swimming pool after its winter hibernation. If you performed all the required steps set down for successful pool closings, you shouldn’t run into any problems opening it either. It should simply be a matter of running through all those steps on the pool openings checklist – all 12 or so of them.

If this seems like a daunting task that you keep putting off, even though the kids are clamouring to start using the pool, you’re probably better off seeking the services of a pool professional like Jonathon from Saratoga Pool and Tub Co to do it for you and get it over and done with. That will get the kids off your back and you can rest easy knowing that your pool will be in good order for summer. All you’ll have to do is ongoing maintenance like pool cleaning and keep the pool chemicals up, or maybe not, because Jonathon can do that as well for you.

Saratoga Pool and Tub Co stock a complete range of pool supplies from chemicals to liners as well as pumps and robotic vacuums.   They also arrange service repairs and replacements on these. If you have a hot tub, spa or sauna they can also repair those for you. If you’d like Jonathon to swing by and give you a hand with your pool maintenance, contact him on 581 8468 or send him an email. You can also use Skype if you prefer.

Pool Supplies And Historic Sites In Malta

Malta is south of Saratoga Springs and offers a variety of activities for residents and visitors alike. Along Route 9 you’ll find The Malta Drive-In theatre; this piece of cinematic history was built in 1949 and is one of only 450 left in the country. For more history, visit the Parade Ground historic district. There is a green space along both sides of Dunning Street, which was donated in 1776.

Structural engineers may be fascinated by the Ruhle Road Lenticular Metal Truss Bridge. The historic bridge was originally built in 1888 over the Black Creek in Salem but was moved to Malta in 2001. Novelist Katherine Anne Porter also made her home in Malta during the second half of the second world war. Her house “South Hill” is now a popular tourist attraction. National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame are also based in Saratoga Springs.

If you’re a flag buff the New York State Military Museum in Saratoga Springs has a large collection of Civil War flags – the biggest in the world in fact. Other historical points of interest are the Roosevelt Baths & Spa and the Historical Society of Saratoga Springs & Canfield Casino, which has a collection of early gaming equipment. The historic 1871 North Creek Railway does runs from North Creek to Saratoga Springs. However, probably the oldest relics of them all are the stromatolites at the Petrified Sea Gardens Road, believed to be millions of years old. Kinda makes everything else pretty modern by comparison.

There are modern things to do and see in Malta and Saratoga Springs as well. Shenantaha Creek Park is a relatively new park, opened in 1997 to provide a host of activities for residents and visitors including hiking, cycling, horse riding, snowmobiling in winter and roller blading in summer.   The nationally registered Zim Smith Trail also meanders its way through the Park before heading off under the Adirondack Northway on its way to Round Lake.   The entire trail is about 9 miles long and links the towns of Ballston Spa, Malta, Round Lake, Clifton Park and Halfmoon. It was extended to Mechanicville in 2012.

There’s also Tarks Indoor Golf entertainment and training centre with PGA Tour simulators. Alcoholic venues make the cut too – the Saratoga Winery and the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company are two of the best on offer.