Fix your Hot tub! Help, Parts, Covers, Advice.

A very specialized service in this area Saratoga Pool & Tub Co. offers hot tub and spa repair.  We have much experience in hot tubs from the old to the new.  From heating problems to plumbing problems to hot tub covers and cover replacement we do it all!  We also have experience on working on all brands of tubs and spas, stand alone and permanently plumbed.  Most parts and filters are not a problem for us to get.  Have a filter that you need professionally matched and measured?  We can get that done and have it for you within a day or two!

Hot tub winterization is also something that we offer.  People winterize their tubs for a number of different reasons.  Some folks are seasonal only,  some are looking to save money on their electricity in the winter and some like to shut it down during the coldest January and February months.  Whatever your reason may be we can safely shut it down till you’re ready to use it again.

Occasionally we get calls for bath tubs and saunas.  If there is access to the equiptment we will also work on bath tubs, pumps, motors, heaters,  heating elements and plumbing.  If you have a sauna in need of repair we can help there too.

Call 518-581-8468 if you’d like us to come have a look at your spa.

We also offer a service during our down time where we will come and inspect a used tub for you for a fixed fee.